Research shows quality video viewability is key to engaging readers with ads, content

For brand advertisers and publishers, online video viewability might be the single most important consideration as consumption of video soars. By 2016, mobile will account for 50 per cent of video views, and we know much more today about how people consume video than we did even two years ago.

It’s about following where eyeballs are focused. Consumers have become blind-sided, consciously ignoring everything on the page except the main content body. For their part, advertisers like Microsoft are similarly unwilling to tolerate sub-par video players and throwaway page placement, as they are meaningless bot impressions.

That’s why we’re seeing some major and, I’d say long overdue, market adjustments as publishers, consumers, and advertisers respond to this increasing demand for enhanced viewability.

At SendtoNews (STN), we have built a business on aggregating and distributing premium digital sports video highlight content, but this content is wasted in a less-than-premium viewing environment.

Considering the exponential growth of online video viewing, many publishers have been surprisingly slow to adapt to this new reality. However, changes are afoot and advances are being made in viewability.

The results are compelling. Viewers respond positively or negatively depending on how a page appears, where video players are placed, and their relation to the text or story.

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Source: INMA: Sharing Ideas, Inspiring Change

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