Ringier Axel Springer Serbia will launch Media Impact Serbia

As of October 1, 2015, Ringier Axel Springer Serbia will launch Media Impact Serbia and offer innovative advertising solutions to the Serbian market. The new sales unit will offer its clients integrated 360-degree advertising as well as cross-media services focusing on technology and data.

The new organisation will be able to offer customised advertising solutions, featuring innovative advertising products such as native and web video advertising. 

Media Impact Serbia is the second sales organisation launched by Ringier Axel Springer Media, following Media Impact Polska. As member of this network, it has access to Dreamlab, Ringier Axel Springer Media’s Cracow-based technology hub, providing cutting-edge technology-based solutions for digital publishing and advertising.

Jelena Drakulić Petrović, General Manager of Ringier Axel Springer Serbia: “Leadership, innovation and creativity are the pillars of Media Impact Serbia. We have a clear competitive advantage that is based on the technological power as well as creative people and experienced minds in our Ringier Axel Springer network, who are experts on native and creative advertising. Besides our broad reach and strong brands, this new sales entity will offer state-of-the-art advertising solutions based on deep market insight, expert knowledge and technology like no other media company in Serbia.”

Media Impact Serbia will be lead by Mihailo Ponjavic (Sales Director of Media Impact Serbia). His core team consists of Snezana Stojsavljevic (Head of News Portfolio Sales), Goran Radulovic (Head of Verticals Sales) and Marko Bogicevic (Head of Special Digital and Project Sales).

Mihailo Ponjavić, Director Sales of Media Impact Serbia: “The future of advertising is based on innovation and creativity. Media Impact Serbia wants to take the lead in providing ad solutions that target the consumer in a smart and effective way. The exclusive content of our brands provides the ideal environment for the advertising client to reach out to the consumer in the most effective way. Our clients will be soon informed about the new organisation and the new marketing possibilities we can offer in the future.”

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