VIDEO: Sanoma’s Fashionchick brings together brands in an awesome ecommerce play

Tell us about Fashionchick… (0:02)

We’re a fashion platform where you can just find all different stores you love on one website. And we have good content, it’s somewhere that you can get inspired, and everything you see is something you can shop and buy directly.

What opportunities do you have for e-commerce? (0:17)

Yeah on Fashionchick we basically put every product from the data feed, from web shops, we put it on Fashionchick, so you have like a nice online shop – people starting loving your products and buying your products. We use it in different fashion news we have on the website. We also have a daily look on television and use the products from the web shop, in a daily loop worn by well-known bloggers, and they also share it on the social media so it’s like a cross-media approach we have.

What form of social media works best for you? (0:54)

We are very big on social. We have a lot of followers on Facebook, and we just chat with them every day. But for fashion, I think Instagram is the biggest social at the moment. We just started with Instagram advertising as well so we’re just checking that out right now and we see a lot of god results already. But I think Facebook is one of the biggest social platforms we use.

Is your traffic paid for, or organic, or both? (1:27)

Oh yeah both, equally… We get a lot of paid reach from Facebook, but also a lot organically. Half and half. And if you look at the conversion the paid traffic is doing very well on Fashionchick, people are really liking directly seeing it o Facebook and just buying what they are looking for. So yeah, it really converts well.

Sanoma is a member of FIPP.

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