Selling sexy: What advertisers can learn from publisher’s most popular videos

From HuffPost Live’s Porn vs. Real Sex to Elite Daily’s Women Draw Their Perfect Penis to VICE’s The Biggest Ass In Brazil. In perfect parody form, The Onion’s play on reality dating shows, Sex House – Meet the Nymphos, is the most-viewed video on its extensive YouTube channel at 25 million views.

But how does this work out for brands, who are generally wary of “inappropriate” content?

And how can publishers make use of this strategy in a way that doesn’t come across like the pervy notes passed between eighth graders during class?

Perhaps the answer to these questions lies in understanding why people seek this kind of content in the first place.

Love and sex are tangentially relevant to everything.

There’s a salacious factor, sure, and some shock value. But it’s also just relatable — something most people can easily understand and think about in the context of their own lives.

Source: Native

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