Snapchat finally lets users share content from its publishing partners

Today, it all comes together with Snapchat’s latest update. The platform now allows users to snap content they think is interesting and shoot it over to friends. The new sharing functionality gives Snapchatters an additional way to engage with Discover.

More importantly, it will give Snapchat an opportunity to fully explore the potential of a combined media and messaging platform. Publishers will be watching for meaningful metrics to see how much Snapchat’s Discover channel is able to drive engagement with content.

In general, digital media entities are looking for new ways to build viewership as eyeballs increasingly move to mobile. And while having a mobile app works for some publishers, that channel may only serve super-fans (people who read a given publication religiously). In order to drive reach, publishers need to seek out other channels. So far, outside vehicles for engagement have been limited to Flipboard, Twitter, Facebook, and news-aggregating apps like SmartNews. If Snapchat can prove to be as good or better at driving page views as Facebook, it will make its media channel even more enticing for advertisers and publishers.

Though Snapchat is already featuring tutorials on how to send media content from Discover, the new feature is rolling out slowly.

Source: VentureBeat

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