Snapchat viewers are quick to skip video ads if brands don’t impress

Advertisers that want to run ads on Snapchat should make them snappy, because the app’s millennial audience can be quick to hit skip, according to stats from sponsors.

One agency shared a chart with Digiday showing how well Snapchat video ads performed for one of its clients, and about 70 per cent of users moved on by the three-second mark.

“It is a very steep, rapid decline for the brand here, and when marketers think they are buying a 10-second ad, they really have to get their message out in two seconds, or else most won’t see it,” said a top executive at the agency, who shared the chart on the condition of anonymity. (The chart, shown below, was reproduced by Digiday.)

Now, this was only one brand’s experience, and viewing trends are different for all campaigns, dependent on how compelling the ads are.

Snapchat sponsors run 10-second spots that play among the rest of the app’s content, and the ads are skippable. In fact, skippability is a main selling point for the company, which says users feel better about commercials if they opt into them.

Snapchat-snapstatsHow to hook viewers with digital video ads that are easy to ignore is not a challenge unique to Snapchat. Twitter offers six-second pre-roll ads, and Facebook teaches brands how to capture attention within three seconds, using muted autoplay videos, which people can scroll right past.

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Source: Digiday

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