So, why should you bother joining a FIPP World Congress held … online?


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1. For starters, it has at least two firsts.

– It is the first time that the entire FIPP World Media Congress will run online

– It is the first time that it will run over four weeks instead of two days — from 2-30 September 

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Are you still reading? Maybe you think online events are poor substitutes for “real” conferences. Fair enough, there are benefits to being in one room with others that online activity cannot replicate. But perhaps the following will help change your mind about the value online events bring.


Content … that lives on, and on, and on:

2. A virtual festival of content from top-notch speakers from around the world offering an exhilarating fix of ideas, insights and expertise. For. Four. Weeks. With time per session to dive much deeper into topics than at a shorter event.

3. Got an all-access pass for the whole programme? You will have access to an On-demand library with recordings of every (!) single session that took place at Congress 2020 (1). With 80+ sessions, and 100+ speakers, think, THINK of the value at your command. Refer back for ideas to use in your business. Use to inspire your teams. Build your training programmes.


Get Interactive:

4. Get answers to questions you want to ask. Sessions at the Congress online are not a one-way street. Scared to put your hand up at physical events to ask questions? Fire away like a keyboard warrior, popping those questions into our chat or Q&A function. Without having to say a word…

5. Engage with fellow attendees on what’s being said, using the in-session chat platform or integrated social media streams.


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Customise to fit your schedule:

6. Worried you’ll need to stare into a screen all day, for four weeks long? No way! Customise the agenda around your daily schedule, your eyesight and attention span. Decide what to watch Live or get recordings On-Demand. Or do both.


Cost and flexible pricing options:

7. No need to fly anywhere, book a hotel, or take time out at the office and at home. It takes the excitement away of going somewhere else, we will admit, but it makes it overall a much cheaper proposition to join.

8. Make use of our flexible pricing to fit your budget and your needs. Sign up for a single session, more or an all-access pass. See the value for your whole business? No problem. Get a corporate pass giving access to all your employees.


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An even more diverse media audience:

9. The lower barrier to participation (no flights! no hotels!), will bring together an even more diverse international audience to mingle with than FIPP’s events already assemble. From students to senior executives. Options for everyone.


More time available to connect but meet only the people you want to meet:

10. Meet the people you want to meet. No need to duck and dive or getting stuck listening to Mr Monotone. Connect with others from around the world based on interests, ideas, ambitions, opportunities and more. You decide who. You decide when. You decide for how long.

11. More time to meet. No need to try and squeeze all the conversations you want to have into a couple of days. Schedule meetings any time with anyone for all four weeks the 43rd FIPP World Media Congress runs.

There really is so much more to an online event than meets the eye.


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