Spanish report shows total coverage of magazines continues to grow

The latest Spanish Magazine Association’s (Asociación de Revistas de Información) 360º measurement report shows how the reach of magazines members of ARI increased by +6.7 per cent from the month of August 2015, since the previous report.

The magazines have increasingly more ability to generate influence through its multiple platforms and formats.

The most significant increase occurred in the online audience, cross-platform contacts have gone from 35.6 million in August 2015 to 40.4 million in November of 2015, a +13.3 per cent increase.

Likewise, growth in magazines social networking followers has increased from 53.5 million to 58.6 million (total number of followers and fans of social networking journals, Spanish editions, ARI partner), +9.5 per cent increase within three months.

Analysed in this study magazines accumulate 36.6 million readers of its paper editions, according to the 3rd wave of the EGM.

ARI 360° is the quarterly report’s audience and influence of the medium journals detailed by brand. It is a new measure showing demand for magazine content, measuring audience across multiple platforms and formats, including paper, digital editions websites, video and social networks, for the first time an analysis focused on the user and not the support.

ARI 360° offers a detailed, comprehensive and accurate picture of the vitality of the medium journals. The full report is available on the website of ARI:

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