ARI/PwC study in Spain shows the value of magazine media websites

This is according to a study titled “Magazine websites: usage and perception,” conducted by PwC on behalf of Associacion de Revistas de Information (ARI) in Spain.

Yolanda Austin, general director of Ari, presented key findings from the study at the FIPP Insight Forum in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, today.

The main goal of the study was to analyse how magazine media websites in Spain are used and perceived by the main players of the sector: users/readers, media agencies and advertisers.

According to Austin, the advertising market in Spain continues to recover post the global credit crunch, but the market is moving online, with very low CPMs. They therefore set out to conduct the study to establish the value of magazine media websites among three audience groups: users, media agencies and advertisers.

A total of 1,619 online interviews were conducted among magazine media website users, while the interviewers also interviewed ten publishers, ten advertising agencies and ten advertisers.

The study looked to answer to three main questions:

  • What are the perceptions of the editorial product?
  • How do the readers, advertisers and media agencies evaluate the website’s advertising?
  • And, what are the consumer habits of the Spanish users?

The main findings were:

Value attached to the editorial product:

  • Audience’s motivation to consume magazine media websites is mainly driven by their hunger for updated and reliable information, along with the value added content they offer: images, photos and video.
  • The magazine media brand is highly appreciated by agencies, advertisers and users with high purchasing power
  • The content of magazine media websites stands out as the most valuable of all media

Value attached to magazine media web advertising:

  • Advertising on magazine media websites is better valued than advertising on other media websites, and attracts more attention than on other websites
  • Magazine media websites are considered one of the most suitable platforms for premium brands
  • Advertisers and agencies agree that magazine media websites provide a good environment for creating a positive and relative advertising experience, creating brand awareness and strong impact

Consumer habits:

  • Consumers are regular users of magazine media websites: they read it almost daily and follow their social media channels (“women use Facebook more, and men Twitter,” said Austin).
  • Most still access magazine media websites via tables, but with mobile increasing

The study provided insight into particular partners of behaviour different segments (for examples male or female, or different generations, when accessing magazine media websites) and perceptions of advertising on magazine media websites.

In respect of the later, it found that magazine media websites are perceived in similar ways as their print counterparts in terms of relevance, interest and trust, with these attitudes positively carrying over to advertising on the sites.

Read what FIPP’s insight consultant Guy Consterdine wrote about the ARI study, here

Story by Cobus Heyl.

Download the full speaker presentation from the FIPP Insight Forum (pdf).

The FIPP Insight Forum (formerly known as the Research Forum) is a two-day event for publishers, researchers and marketing executives in the magazine business. It’s taking place today and tomorrow in Amsterdam, at the offices of Sanoma.

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Magazine websites: valued and effective

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