Spindle is a social app that encourages you to be selfish with your content

Launched last week, Spindle is a social journaling app that solves this issue by putting the emphasis on letting a user create content for themselves, and share it with friends as an afterthought.

Here’s how Spindle works: Users first capture photos, text, or sound bites to be added to their own timeline.

The default setting is that content will only be shared with yourself, allowing you to create a journal of your own experiences that you can revisit down the road via the app’s time travel feature.

By freeing users from the pressure of a large audience of followers, Spindle hopes they can train users to to boost the authenticity of their content.

Users still have the option to share with a friend, which will result in their content appearing in the friend’s own timeline. The friend can then either view the message and have it disappear, or save it as a permanent entry in their own journal.

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Source: TechCrunch

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