Why it’s important to support young talent in media

Last year, FIPP introduced a new initiative, Rising Stars in Media, that sought to draw out those individuals in media from across the world and hear about their exciting achievements and innovative projects they have driven. We had overwhelming support and numerous entries, from which we generated the Top 30 Rising Stars in Media 2015.

We are already in full swing for 2016, with entries being taken until 29 February. Christine Huntingford, vice president, FIPP, chats with UPM’s Ruud van den Berg, senior vice president for magazine publishing and advertising, who sponsors the Rising Stars initiative and is a member of the judging panel, to ask him about his hopes and expectations for this year.

Reflecting on last year’s process and seeing the winners in Toronto receive their awards and speak on the panel, what are your personal lasting feelings from that?

I am honoured to be one of the judges along with members of the FIPP Management Board. Last year I was overwhelmed by the scope of the entries and was impressed by the drive, persistence and enthusiasm the young executives have in developing their magazine media brands. Also during the panel discussion the young talents really impressed me. It was great to see that beside all the mobile devices and digital media channels on offer, print and paper still play a big role in young people’s lives – not only in business, but also in their private surroundings. This makes me confident that print remains in many sectors a crucial arrow in the publishers’ bow.

Even though there is no set criteria that entrants need to meet, what do you personally look for in the submissions?

I look at each of the entries and assess them with four main criteria. The first one is the innovativeness of the activity. After getting inspired, equally important is, whether the idea has the potential for commercial success. In other words: is the magazine brand gaining new readers or subscribers through the engagement of the young talent? Is it attractive for advertisers? Or does it add value for other stakeholder groups? Furthermore the drive and the ambition of the young person play a role in my judgement. And finally – as representative of the paper industry – the future of magazines is close to my heart. After this process usually some candidates shine a little brighter than the others.

What is it about the FIPP Rising Stars that made you want to be affiliated with it?

Many of you know UPM as a paper company, but we are more than that. We call ourselves “The Biofore Company”. It is a new concept that UPM has created to describe the future of the industry and our company in particular. Bio stands for future orientation, sustainable solutions and good environmental performance. Fore stands for forest and the company’s position at the forefront of the industry development. As a loyal partner of FIPP we shape the future of magazine media since decades. When we heard about the Rising Stars initiative, it was immediately a natural fit that goes hand in hand with our philosophy to support the young talents of the industry.

Hear about FIPP’s 2015 Rising Star Winners

See FIPP’s 2015 Rising Stars in action at last year’s World Congress

Who can enter?

FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media is not limited to any particular discipline, so anyone under the age of 30 can enter, regardless of which area of the magazine media business they work in, whether they are employed by the company, a freelancer or a media entrepreneur having a positive impact on your company

  • Nominees must be 30 or under on 11 May 2016, and demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution in the past 12 months
  • Individuals and/or direct managers can submit entries. If entries are submitted by the individual/freelancer they must be authorised and endorsed by a member of the management team. Nominations can also be put forward directly by managers of rising stars.
  • Nominees do not need to be a member of FIPP to enter 

When is the deadline?

Entries are now open and the submission deadline is Monday 29 February.

Are you a Rising Star? Or do you have rising stars in your company, doing exciting things and contributing to your business success, share their stories with me and get nominating!

Download the FIPP Rising Stars in Media entry form

If you have any questions, email Christine Huntingford and Jenny Stubbs

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