Techmonitor research reveals how UK consumers are surviving in a connected world

Techmonitor 2015 Are we thriving or surviving in a connected world? Is a biennial study, looking at the tech industry and consumer habits and trends, and has been compiled by Future’s Techmonitor with The Source, part of M&C Saatchi Group.

Key findings

  • Consumers are not yet ready for ‘The Internet of Things’. Educating and building the consumers’ confidence in the use of device ecosystems will bring confidence to the market long term and should be the current focus
  • The mobile phone is at the epicentre of tech purchasing decisions despite
  • computers still being deemed the ‘most important’ device
  • The research found that 52 per cent of consumers said their computers were the ‘most important’ device they own, with the mobile phone being second at 31 per cent
  • Despite this the mobile phone dominates purchasing decisions with 37 per cent of people staying brand loyal and 95 per cent of those doing so because they trust and know their phone
  • A lack of understanding of ‘ecosystems’ around Apple and Android devices in part comes from a public perception that they are not being given the information that is needed

Nial Ferguson, Future’s content and marketing director, said: “The tech market has never been so vibrant and fast paced. More than ever your smartphone, tablet and now even watch, is vital to your everyday routine. This Techmonitor research has once again given an invaluable insight of the British public’s tech consumer habits and helps us and our clients to create more focused and targeted content and campaigns that talk directly to them and their needs.”

More about Future’s TechMonitor research.

Future is a FIPP member company.

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