That’s what she shared: Five free tools for content marketers to measure social shares and find influencers

Though you may already be producing content that is well received, it’s not enough. If you want to have an effective marketing campaign, you must know exactly who is sharing with your content.

If you figure this out, you can continue to target your prospective buyer with relevant content, forge a meaningful relationship with him or her, build trust through your interactions and increase the chances of having your content shared.

Let’s take a look at five free tools content marketers can use to determine who’s sharing and engaging with all that content.

Muck Rack

Did you create content on your website that you hoped would be widely shared? Now, you can use Muck Rack’s Who Shared My Link tool to find out how far of a reach your content actually had. Just type in the name of your content, and Muck Rack will pull up the bloggers and journalists who wrote about or shared your content. It’ll also show you your journalist reach, and how many social shares you received. By knowing which influential bloggers and journalists wrote about your company or shared your content, you can reach out to them in the future for possible coverage.


With BuzzSumo, you can type in your company name and see where it was mentioned online. The search includes articles, infographics, interviews, and videos, and lets you “view sharers” to capture who shared your content. It’s a good way to start looking for influencers who can become advocates of your brand or message.


To find out who mentioned your company on Twitter, you can utilise Twopcharts. This free tool allows you to search your last 500 mentions from users, as long as you’re signed in. Once you search your company’s username, you’re able to view what each user who mentioned you actually said.


Another free tool for Twitter mentions is Twitonomy. Marketers can view brand mentions, as well as see the most influential users that you’re following and might want to target. If you sign up for premium features, you can view who generated the most favourites and retweets when he or she mentioned your company.

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