‘The millennial voice is pivotal to the future of all the world’s industries’ says FIPP’s Rising Star Ruramai Madyara

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FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media is a new initiative that was launched in 2015 that seeks to recognise exceptional young talent within the international magazine media industry, across any discipline. Entries are now open for 2016’s Awards

Tell us a little about your journey into the magazine media industry

I’d just got married. As we sat in our little apartment in Harare, Zimbabwe, pondering on what new business we could explore as the then economic situation of our country was in deterioration. We simultaneously and spontaneously came up with an idea, The Ambassador Magazine. My husband would see its day-to-day operations as I would continue my formal employment at a different company to help raise licensing and first print-run capital. That is how in brief I found myself in this amazing ever evolving industry.  

What do you think of FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media Award? 

I think it is a very important platform for growth and recognition in global magazine media. Every aspiring and innovative young media practitioner will benefit immensely from this setup. The panel of judges is amazing and even the grade of sponsors gives a grand class to the awards. 

How important is it to recognise and listen to the millennials voice?

The millennial voice is pivotal to the future of all the world’s industries. It is our voice, as millennials that is shaping future economies and trends. By 2050, 70 per cent of the world population will live in cities. This is clear evidence that whoever wants to survive and be sustainable in business needs to adapt to change and innovation, because the future has no room for rigid mind-sets. Today’s millennials represent the now and the future. 

Has the fact that you are one of our 30 Rising Stars in 2015, made any impact on you or your role?

It has given a professional and global upgrade to The Ambassador Magazine. Personally, being part of this amazing initiative has brought back lost energy and hope that nothing is impossible in this world. I am from a very small African country. There are other better, amazing Zimbabweans and Africans who could have scooped this title if they had known of this initiative. I have made it my personal role to spread the invitation to other prospective African winners of the title.

Have you had recognition from their company for this accolade?

Well, MGX AFRICA is a very small organisation with big dreams. As co-founder, I think the accolade has enabled a montage of self-awakening. I have recognised that I have what it takes to lead and build a global magazine media brand..

What are your views, as millennials, on the future of the industry?

The future is certain for those willing to go the extra extreme mile. While technology will take digital into the future, innovative business models and partnerships will afford print a cottage to stay in for the next few decades. The future is exciting and scary as well.

What advice would you give to any millennial peers who are considering entering the Rising Stars next year?

Honesty, passion and a daring vision will get you noticed more than anything else. Just keep it real!

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Rising Stars 2016

FIPP wants to continue to discover and recognise those individuals under the age of 30 in media companies across the globe that are demonstrating outstanding talent and developing remarkable initiatives.

From this, FIPP will create a ‘Rising Stars List’ and share their initiatives, success stories and, of course, their profiles with the global magazine media community. 

FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media list will recognise people who work in the industry – whether this is a full-time/part-time employee or a freelancer – and who in the past 12 months has proved to deliver above and beyond what was expected.

Entries are now open and submissions will be received until 29 February. Download the entry form from the FIPP website. 

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