The San Francisco Chronicle launches online photo store

After documenting the Bay Area’s fascinating characters, iconic landmarks, and historic moments for more than a century, The San Francisco Chronicle is opening its archive to the public. The newspaper this week announced it is launching a new online photo store that allows readers to buy high-quality prints taken by its award-winning photographers.

The store dips into the vast physical and digital photo archives of the Chronicle, with 200 images initially made available.

“Chronicle photographers have been taking incredible images of the Bay Area for decades. I’m constantly in awe of the work in our archive and that our visuals team produces every single day,” said Editor for Emerging Product and Audio Sarah Feldberg. “I’m so excited that readers can now buy beautiful prints of some of our favourite photos to hang in their homes. I plan to buy a few myself.”

Readers can choose from four categories of images. “Bay Area Landmarks” captures famous structures and landscapes, from the newly opened Golden Gate Bridge in 1937 to an aerial view of the Transamerica Pyramid in 2020. 

“S.F. Icons” covers celebrity moments and historic visits in the Bay Area, including Elvis Presley’s 1956 concert at the Oakland Auditorium and Mick Jagger in a cable car in 1981.

“Sports” has shots of the original S.F. Giants line-up and the riotous celebrations that followed the 49ers’ 1982 Super Bowl XVI victory. “Total S.F.” is an all-star album of everything San Francisco, including Joe Montana sharing a high-five with Jerry Rice on the field in the ’80s and Emeryville mudflat art in the ’70s.

You can find out more and see the full gallery here.


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