Three things media outlets should know about smartwatches

The launch of the Apple Watch and its impressive presale figures mark the smartwatch’s move from a wearable device for technology enthusiasts into the mass market.

As the number of smartwatch users is set to increase, there is a new screen which news outlets could use to reach their readers or viewers.

But it is important to understand smartwatches are more than just a smaller screen. The way people are likely to use them will be different, and likely not centred around news – the smart wristband trend originated in the fitness industry after all.

In Denmark, the Stibo Accelerator is looking at the opportunities smartwatches could bring for news publishers, in partnership with Aarhus University.

Stibo Accelerator ran a workshop at Digital Media Europe this week outlining some of the key considerations for publishers who are thinking about a presence on smartwatches, and here are three main issues to keep in mind.


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