Three tips for producing successful online video content

Jamie Gavin is founder and managing director of inPress Online – an online PR agency that has seen video rise to the very forefront of its core offering over the last year. Gavin attended the recent FIPP Innovation Forum in London to film some of the event’s content, and here gives his three ‘top tips’ on successful online video production.

1. Keep it short
Attention spans online are short and becoming shorter. According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, the average length watched of a single internet video is now only 2.7 minutes. And yet brands persist in squandering resources on the creation of long form video content  five minutes plus. When you consider that those average viewing statistics include long-form content from your BBC iPlayers et al, then it’s easy to see that the average video accompanying an online article needs to be kept to a minimum.  
2. Keep it social
As with the tonality of most modern content, a balance between professionalism and personality is key. Audiences don’t want to see your video content shrouded in Hollywood production values, but equally a professional standard of quality is key. Videos should be engaging, they should be shareable, they should be fun, and showing the human face of your subject matter is key. 
3. Monetise it
Most modern publishers are missing a trick by not monetising online videos properly. According to Adroit Digital, more than 56 per cent of viewers are likely to skip online video ads, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Publishers can get creative with online video advertising, inserting brand messaging that lasts no more than two to four seconds in length, and appears at frequency throughout. This would allow for a higher reach frequency and get back to traditional Publisher-Advertiser roots, placing advertising directly around quality content as it once was on the printed page. 
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