To improve ad quality, this sports publisher cut 35 per cent of its web impressions

The gamble has paid off: After a “painful” first few months, the publisher has seen revenue from real-time, auction-based trading surge 30 percent as a direct result of the experiment.

By upping the overall quality of inventory on which advertisers can bid in real-time auction environments, it no longer gets “lousy” ads coming through on its sites, and advertisers are willing to pay higher rates for better, albeit fewer, impressions, according to yield and ad tech manager Jeremy Noya.

“It was a painful first few months because it took some time to get back on track revenue-wise, but it’s critical to do this sooner rather than later if we’re to build a sustainable long-term strategy for programmatic revenue,” said Noya. “We’re focusing on quality over quantity.”

Since shedding 35 per cent of its impressions the publisher still has a sizeable 110m monthly display impressions to trade on, and it has capped the number of ads to a maximum three per page.

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Source: Digiday

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