The top 12 successful business models to increase revenue sources


Innovation in Magazine Media 2019-2020 World Report (FIPP / Innovation Media Consulting)


The dozen best, most proven business strategies that have already been used to increase revenue sources and revenue, grow readers and users, solidify and expand turf and create a solid, multi-source revrenue base for both sustainability and growth that are investigated are:

  1. Reader revenue (Subscriptions and Paywalls)
  2. Paid content (Branded and Native)
  3. Ad supported
  4. Philanthropy supported
  5. Retailer (ecommerce as well as bricks and mortar)
  6. Events purveyor
  7. Membership organisation
  8. IT provider
  9. Agency
  10. Data broker
  11. Brand licenser
  12. Investor

In addition to focusing on business models and revenue streams, the Innovation Report author and Innovation Media Consulting’s director, John Wilpers, also take a deep look at media tech, blockchain, and the perennial favourite: offbeat innovations.

Read more about the case studies and insights from successful businesses here.

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The Innovation Report is written for FIPP by John Wilpers, senior director and edited by Juan Señor, president of Innovation Media Consulting, a global consultancy helping publishers succeed in the digital age.

Further information from Helen Bland at FIPP.

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