Trends for 2016: Six predictions for what will happen

The Voice Of the Consumer Will Be Heard

Smartphone use is driving up the number of inbound calls to businesses. Voice-activated search has been rising steadily. Consumers are talking to personal assistants through their smartphones and cars, and those “assistants” are getting smarter. And with the rise of smart watches and connected home devices, they’re talking to a wider variety of devices from various locations.

Marketers need to be prepared and ready to optimize digital content for speech-based (not keyword) queries and learn how to make sure that content can be discovered by personal assistants.

Marketers Will Join the Conversation (in Messaging Apps)

It’s tempting to say 2016 will be the year of mobile messaging … but that would be hype. Still, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are both well on the way toward having 1 billion monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide.

In 2016, Facebook will add more services and marketing opportunities for brands in both Messenger and WhatsApp. Based on what other messaging apps are doing and what the company has said about advertising in its messaging apps, the offerings Facebook will bring to the table won’t be traditional marketing or advertising opportunities.


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