TU Media accelerates digital first transformation with acquisition

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The deal makes TU the leading media company in the areas of technology and IT in the Norwegian market, said Jan Moberg, TU Media CEO and editor-in-chief.

The transaction includes tek.no, teknofil.no, diskusjon.no, insidetelecom.no and gamer.no, as well as the Tek Conference, held annually in spring and autumn. 

It forms part of TU’s aggressive transformation from a print to digital first, multi-platform business – up to now much of it driven organically within the business.

However, the deal accelerates the transformation. According to Moberg it “more than doubles our digital footprint. We have around 325,000 weekly unique users and with this deal we will have more than 700,000 weekly unique users.” 

Bearing in mind the size of Norway (five million people), “we will be reaching 20 per cent of the Norwegian digital reading population every month. We do this with very specific, tech-focused content brands. We believe it must represent a world record for audience reach as a percentage of overall population when you consider the very specific nature of our brands.”

While not disclosing figures, Moberg said the deal represents TU’s biggest acquisition to date. “Our focus now shifts to the business of combining the two businesses and further building it organically from there.

“This deal is important because it will increase our number of brands, give us more traffic and will help us build revenue and new products. Furthermore, our job service, events and native advertising platforms will also benefit from the higher distributed footprint and visibility.”

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