Twitter enables group message and video features

Both moves could help Twitter increase user engagement, keeping people actively using the service for longer. Right now, Twitter trails far behind social networks like Instagram and Facebook, although that partly depends on how you track engagement.

Allowing multiple people to talk to one another turns direct messaging into a built-in messaging app, like group texting or Facebook Messenger before Facebook separated it out. There are also a lot of business-messaging apps like Slack that have similar capabilities.

When people initiate a group chat they’ll be able to invite anyone who follows them into it, allowing conversations between people who might not know each other.

Group DMs will work on Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps as well as on the website and Tweetdeck, a social-media dashboard owned by Twitter.

Twitter also announced a new video feature for its mobile apps.

Users will be able to access their phone’s camera by pushing a button, record clips up to 30 seconds long, edit them, and upload them. 

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