UK media outlets are not making the most of emails for audience engagement

Newsletters sent straight to readers’ inboxes by individual journalists or news organisations have become a popular trend in recent years, making the most of a communication channel otherwise considered old-school.

But while publishers in the US have taken full advantage of the opportunities email brings to the table, there’s still room for more experiments in the UK, according to the report.

The report, called ‘Back to the Future – Email Newsletters as a Digital Channel for Journalism’, was written by Swedish journalist Charlotte Fagerlund and was supported by Journalistfonden.

Fagerlund interviewed journalists who work with email newsletters, looking to establish some best practices as well as the current opportunities on email.

Charlie Beckett, director of Polis and one of the editors of the report, told that while producing newsletters can be resource-intensive, they open a direct line of communication between a media organisation and its audience.


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