UK mobile and tablet traffic will overtake desktop by mid 2014

Intelligent Positioning have conducted a poll of UK mobile traffic share, compared to desktop traffic share over the course of 2013. It data comprised of more than 175 million visits in 2013 for the survey.

Key findings:

  • Mobile (tablet and smartphone) share of traffic increased from 22.8 per cent to 37 per cent in 2013
  • Desktop’s share of traffic decreased from 77.3 per cent to 62.9 per cent in 2013
  • Over a third of all traffic is now on a handheld mobile or tablet device
  • Desktop’s share of traffic dropped significantly in August
  • Tablet traffic had peaks of share in May and December
  • If rates continue, then mobile and tablet visits are set to overtake desktop during summer 2014

Taking everything into account, Intelligent Positioning forecasts the point in 2014 mobile share will overtake desktop, if mobile and tablet traffic share maintains its current growth rate, which could be as soon as as July.

Read more about Intelligent Positioning’s UK mobile traffic statistics.

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