Video is in it for the long haul

The survey polled more than 200 consumers, who were 16 years or older, owned a smartphone and watched either short or long mobile videos. 

It comes as no surprise that these same audiences are also viewing even longer programming, such as movies and full-length TV shows, on their mobile devices. The Chinese viewers were the most inclined to watch films and shows on-the-go.

As a result, the study reported that 22 per cent of the polled consumers are watching less TV, with China topping out at a 37 per cent decrease in TV consumption. Almost half of the polled smartphone users, 42 per cent, are finding their video content via social media. 

The survey also touched on one of the most debated and tantalising topics when it comes to video: advertising. IAB’s report stated that 82 per cent of consumers want tailored ads. The term “tailored” was broken down into categories such as tailored to: the video being watched (28 per cent), recent viewing history (19 per cent) and favourite brands (18 per cent). The survey did not poll consumers on what types of ads they would prefer, be it pre-roll, brand placement, etc. 

While the overall stats. for short- vs. long-term video consumption on smart phones still favored towards the shorter content, longer content is increasing in popularity. Nearly 60 per cent of polled consumers said they frequently watch short-form video on their smartphones (vs. 34 per cent for long-form.) But, all of the 24 polled countries noted a year-over-year uptick in consumption of long-form video content on smartphones. The writing on the wall, or in this case, smartphone, is that mobile video viewing is certainly not just about short-form content. 

It will be interesting to see how smartphones continue to disrupt the TV market, especially as the number of eyeballs watching long-form content on mobile devices increases. 


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