[Webinar video] FIPP Digital Subscriptions Snapshot August 2020

Last week FIPP – in partnership with CeleraOne – released its latest quarterly report into digital subscription trends. The global coronavirus pandemic and subsequent period of national lockdowns has had a significant impact on digital content consumption. Key findings from the report were analysed in a dedicated webinar, which you can view in full below.

Few industries have been spared the significant shift in consumer behaviour and economic fallout that the global coronavirus pandemic has brought. In the media sector, we have seen declines in advertising and print revenues. But for those with a strong focus on digital subscriptions, the pandemic has delivered a bounty of surging interest in high quality, authoritative and trusted content.

“I’m very happy to see that our industry in digital is growing that well,” said York Walterscheid, Managing Director of CeleraOne. “You can see some great growth figures across the globe, the New York Times is clearly outstanding, and overall we have seen a Covid-19 bounce in terms of digital acceleration.”

Walterscheid was joined on the webinar by Caspar Seibert of Tagesspiegel and FIPP CEO, James Hewes, who between them looked at key digital subscription themes including:

  • The methodology used to measure and monitor publisher subscription bases
  • The different types of paywalls on offer in the industry today
  • Top 10 global titles ranked by subscriber base
  • Growth profile of selected titles
  • Market In Context – VOD & Music Services

On the webinar, the group also looked at ‘Six Steps for Implementing a Paywall’, as taken from Arvid Tchizhel, Senior Product Development Director for Mather Economics, in the FIPP Insight Report: ‘Paywalls – How to start your subscription strategy’.

Digital subscriptions continue to be an area of potential growth for publishers, particularly in more challenging times for print and events based revenue streams. You can download the full August 2020 Digital Subscriptions Snapshot here.


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