What will Apple’s Watch mean for publishers?

Since the announcement of the Apple Watch in September 2014, the rumour mill has been working overtime – from speculation about Apple opening a watch shop in Paris, to a luxury edition costing a staggering £8,000 (€11,000).

And today’s the day when it should all (hopefully) become clear. At 10am PDT (5pm GMT), Apple will host a launch event, which you can watch, live, here.

Until then, if you can stand the suspense, here’s a round up of coverage from the web, which will hopefully get you up-to-speed before the big event: 

The next stage in the battle for our attention: our wrists

NiemanLab offers probably the most comprehensive coverage I’ve found ahead of launch, and introduces a point-by-point guide, which ponders questions including:

  • How might a publisher make money on a smartwatch?
  • How big is the wearable opportunity?
  • What does a multi-device world look like for news?
  • What’s the right kind of content for your wrist?

What to expect from today’s Apple Watch event

Quartz thinks the event is likely to focus solely on the Apple Watch, because there is just so much to reveal. Its coverage focuses more on point of sale than anything, and suggests that if the company is going to become a watch retailer, it needs to change its selling environments.

Apple Watch release date, news and features

TechRadar, of course, hones in on the watch’s battery life, and asks whether it will be up to the challenge of delivering for gadget lovers. “Tim Cook didn’t go into great detail about the Apple Watch battery life,” they said of the original announcement, “but he did hint that the smartwatch is designed to be ‘worn all day’ and is ‘simple to charge at night’.”

Crunch time for Apple Watch bulls and bears (paywall)

The Financial Times questions the business case for the Apple Watch, saying that while some see this move as entry into the fashion and luxury business, others are worried that the product has failed to differentiate itself from consumers’ scepticism over other smart watches and fitness trackers.

We’ll update this piece as the day goes on, but if you want to watch the drama unfold along with us (and pretty much everybody else in the world), you can do so here.

I’d love to know your thoughts on Apple’s Watch. Let me know.

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