Which monetisation strategies are working for media businesses? Find out at Congress

The 44th FIPP World Media Congress is now almost upon us, and we here take a brief look at some of the key media monetisation strategies that will be explored in detail at the event… 

High on the monetising media agenda will be:

  • Revenue models: Juan Señor and Iñes Bravo review their annual 14 New Business Models, 14 Paywall Models
  • Subscription strategies: Will Page, former Chief Economist of Spotify, will share where he believes publishers went wrong with subscriptions in the past – and his thoughts on how to fix it
  • Advertising: Funke One’s Christian Siebert will tell you how they moved from selling advertising to selling leads – and why it worked
  • Monetising podcasts: Alastair Mackie from The Financial Times shares how they have cracked the code with their podcasts bouquet
  • E-commerce: Jacquie Lock from SJP Content will discuss how content and e-commerce can form a perfect symbiosis, adding to your revenue model
  • AI and printed magazines: Barnes & Noble’s Krifka Steffey and Cover Rocket’s founder Alan Centofante talk about their AI-fuelled market intelligence tool which helps publishers create better-selling magazine covers.

Shifting strategies

There’s no doubt that the revenue focus for publishers has shifted significantly in recent years. This has in part been due to the changes accelerated by the global pandemic, as well as the move towards a cookieless future, but also more generally as media owners have begun to realise the sustainable potential of subscription and membership models.

At Congress, in addition to the above, speakers from businesses including Vivendi, Dotdash Meredith and Hearst will lead sessions on general monetisation strategy, while other participants from multiple countries and specialisms will share their insights and recommendations. You can find out more about the event here.


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