Why ad tech needs to evolve to become brand tech

The technology that powers pre-rolls, suggested posts and over-zealously targeted display ads is getting more and more sophisticated, but the focus is primarily about advertising pervasiveness, rather than brand saliency.

Given that the 2015 Ad Blocking Report identified ad blockers in the UK has increased by 82 per cent to over 20 per cent of total users in the past year, we’re at an interesting point. In fact, we’re in danger of being locked into an arms race with consumers looking to screen out clutter, whilst we as advertisers continue to look for a way around the edges, or over the top.

There is a need for technology to evolve to create what Byron Sharp, author of ‘Why Brands Grow’, refers to as both physical and mental availability for our brands and products. Mental availability being the ability for a brand to be remembered for a variety of psychological reasons. This is more than awareness. It’s the memorable associations with a brand consistently over time, everything from brand experiences to content and service. Ad tech needs to evolve to help us engage with consumers emotionally across all these structures and experiences.

No longer ad tech, but brand tech.

Technology that helps our brands becomes more meaningful, relevant and memorable for consumers. Technology that is able to find patterns in consumers’ lives and target them in exactly the way that reinforces the brand consistently, and in the most interesting way.

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Source: The Drum

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