Why it’s time for your brand to launch a publication

Instead of relying on earned and paid media, brands are now creating their own publications. They’re taking on writers, videographers, and photographers and making the content themselves. They’re completely controlling their brand message this way and reaping the benefits that content marketing has to offer.

Over the past few years, content marketing has exploded. Brands are realising that the more they put into their content marketing efforts, the more customers and sales they end up receiving in return.

According to Kapost, inbound marketing results in 54 per cent more leads than traditional outbound marketing, and brands that rely on inbound marketing save more than $14 on every new customer acquisition. Content marketing may require more time and energy than advertising, but can result in more of a return on investment.

Some brands that have created their own publications include StarbucksRed Bull, and GoPro. Starbucks is working on putting out long form TV and film documentaries that cover social issues, while Red Bull, under the Red Bull Media House, produces a variety of documentary, reality, and live broadcast videos and posts photographs. GoPro is big on YouTube, and recently started its own Roku channel, which features original and user-submitted content.

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