Why media owners should pay attention to smartwatches

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Smartwatches are the new generation of mobile – and like smartphones, much of their value will come from the apps that bring utility, information and entertainment to the consumer. In just a few years, Gartner predicts that half of all app interactions will come from wearables, and media owners should make sure that they get their piece of this pie.
The announcement of the Apple Watch has focused attention on the wearable category of smartwatches. The smartwatch promises to be a more personal device than the smartphone, offering a one-to-one connection with the consumer. Companies such as Pebble, Sony and Samsung have already been offering these devices and others have also announced products but so far, their efforts have not grabbed the attention of the mainstream. Clumsy user interfaces and lack of useful apps have limited their appeal. With the arrival of Apple and Google powered smartwatches towards the end of this year and early 2015, combined with increasing consumer awareness, these devices may finally make their way into the mainstream over the next few years.

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