Why programmatic is a priority for Time Inc.

Pfeffer joined Time Inc. in 2008 as an associate sales development manager and, after two years, was promoted to manager of integrated marketing. In this role, he served as the social media and mobile expert for the Time.com sales and marketing teams. But now he lives and breathes programmatic sales.

What got you interested in programmatic selling?

Prior to selling programmatic, I was managing a team of account managers whose main role was building media plans and working with their agency counterparts to set campaigns live. Simple campaigns would sometimes take days to go live, whereas we were able to set PMPs live within minutes.

How did you end up in your current role?

I was one of the first programmatic sellers at Time Inc. It was a great learning experience for me to be able to build out our Private Marketplace offering and watch it grow to what it is today.

What do people still have trouble understanding about programmatic?

That it can be premium when you work with a premium publisher like Time Inc. Most people assume that when you run programmatically you have access only to remnant ads. That’s simply not the case. At Time Inc. we have made an effort to make all placements that are available through direct channels available programmatically.

In the past year, what do you think have been the biggest advances in this area of sales?

We have seen a lot of success around Programmatic Guaranteed and Header Bidding. The beauty of programmatic is that the landscape is always evolving, and we can quickly adapt to the latest and greatest tech.

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