Why viewability will become one of the key issues in digital advertising in 2016

Ad viewability is set to become one of they key issues of 2016 as advertisers shift their TV adspend to digital video and experiment with their own benchmarks, while the wider industry begins to agree measurement standards.  

The buy-side of the industry is working with trade bodies to introduce industry-standard means of measuring viewability with the ambition of using the metric as a currency with which to trade media. In addition, ‘viewability’ is now among the top campaign optimisation goals, according to a whitepaper recently published by video demand-side platform (DSP) TubeMogul.

Sources quoted in the paper predict that transactional viewability will be implemented in the next year, although they do cede that some work has to be done when it comes to reducing the discrepancies when it comes to the reporting numbers from different ad tech vendors.

Defining video viewability?

Last year the Media Ratings Council (MRC) laid down an interim definition of ad viewability, declaring that a video ad should only be considered viewable if 50 per cent of it is visible on an audience’s screen for at least two consecutive seconds.

TubeMogul’s white paper shows that 2.9 per cent of those advertisers using its platform cite it as one of their top campaign optimisation goals, finishing second only to ‘ensure delivery’.

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Source: The Drum

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