Will advertising work on wearables?

Nonetheless, mobile ad exchange TapSense today announced “the industry’s first programmatic ad platform for Apple Watch.” It boasts full Apple Pay integration, new ad formats and “hyper-local targeting.”

It sounds great. But there isn’t enough consumer smartwatch adoption to get marketers to pay attention or care very much at this stage. I do however think this is a category that’s here to stay, though some surveys suggest waning consumer interest.

There are numerous Android Wear devices in the market already. None are a mainstream consumer hit but watches from Motorola and LG have gained critical favour. Yet Apple is really the market maker — even if Apple Watch 1.0 doesn’t sell very well it has brought mainstream awareness and interest to the category.

A recent survey from Quartz found that about 20 percent of respondents were potentially interested in the Apple Watch, while 80 percent said they were not intending to buy it. If that survey is representative it could still mean millions of Apple Watch sales.

Other Apple Watch surveys have shown lower levels of buying interest. And a broad new CES-related technology survey from Toluna Quicksurveys found that only 16 percent of 1,000 US consumers were interested in wearable tech in general.

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