With Racked, Vox hopes to learn new social media tricks

Vox Media sees its sites as testbeds for each other. Vox.com, for example, developed a quiz tool and a way to share images that have been rolled out to other media brands. Its SEO planning strategy was formalized on SB Nation and rolled out to other properties. Now it’s hoping to learn social publishing tricks from Racked.

“We’re very interested in growing our off-platform audience,” said Leslie Price, Racked’s editor-in-chief. “Still, we recognize the power of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to drive audience back to our site.”

Racked is the most visual of Vox Media’s verticals, with a full-time photographer and editorial designer to fill the site with full-bleed photos and illustrations. For that reason, the vertical is naturally the company’s most active on Tumblr and Instagram. On Tumblr, Racked posts several dozen images and GIFs a month, drawing from a mix of Racked content and re-blogged posts from other Tumblr users. It schedules the majority of its posts when users are most engaged, in the evening and at night.

Source : Digiday

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