Wype launches in Denmark

Denmark’s magazine fans now have an app of their very own from Bonnier Publications: Wype. The app includes all of the publisher’s popular titles in PDF format, including Illustreret Videnskab (Science Illustrated), iForm (In Shape), Bo Bedre(Better Living), National Geographic and many more.

Subscribers to the various magazines will have access to those they subscribe to and for an extra fee, can see the other magazines that are included in Wype.

The app, which launched on Monday in Denmark, will also be offered by telephone, broadband and TV company TDC as one of the choices for the premium package for their subscribers.

“We’re excited to be offering our readers another way to read our magazines via Wype,” says Erik Larsson, head of Marketing in Bonnier Publications. “Plus it gives them easy access to all of our magazines so they can easily add new magazines they otherwise might not find. And with Wype a part of TDC’s premium package, we are reaching a whole new audience.”

The app is available initially in Denmark for the Danish magazines and editions, but plans are to launch in Sweden in February.

Source: Bonnier

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