ZenithOptimedia publishes New Media Forecasts report

ZenithOptimedia has published a new report, New Media Forecasts. It has identified the top 19 digital markets across the world, ranked according to a combination of absolute size and percentage of total adspend taken by internet expenditure. It has then examined how consumers in these markets use digital media; how internet advertising, social media and e-commerce are developing; and how quickly new media technologies are being adopted.

Within these 19 markets it has tracked the adoption of three new media technologies – IPTV, smartphones and tablets – and forecast their penetration to 2015.

Across the 19 markets, smartphones are the most prevalent device, with an average 36 per cent penetration in 2012. Smartphone penetration varies widely among our 19 markets, from 73 per cent in Sweden to 18 per cent in Brazil. In all markets penetration is rising rapidly, and we forecast it to double to 72 per cent across all 19 markets by 2015, reaching 33per cent in Brazil and 93 per cent in Sweden.

Tablet penetration averaged five per cent in 2012, but exceeded 15 per cent in five markets: Australia, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and the USA. By 2015 we expect penetration to average 13 per cent across the 19 markets, but to range as high as 45 per cent in France and 50 per cent in Ireland.

IPTV is the slowest-growing of the three technologies; ZenithOptimedia expects its average penetration to rise by 36 per cent between 2012 and 2015, from 6.6 per cent to 9.0 per cent. IPTV also has the widest range of adoption among our 19 markets; by 2015 it expects its penetration to reach 91 per cent in the Netherlands, but remain at one per cent in Russia.

Read more about the New Media Forecasts report.

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