Zinio launches Zinio Pro

Zinio announced today the launch of Zinio Pro, a new division that offers magazine publishers a comprehensive platform to produce apps across every operating system and distribute those apps across Zinio Pro’s growing network of distribution partners. 

“Working with more than 1,000 publishers for the last 10 years as the leading producer of digital magazines has given Zinio a unique insight into the challenges publishers face in delivering digital editions across a proliferating series of devices,” said Joan Solà, Zinio’s EVP, Global Markets. “We have designed Zinio Pro to be a platform that can not only decrease production costs by a single workflow delivering apps for every operating system, but also increase revenue by providing captive distribution through our growing network of partners. In fact, we expect our partner network will bring more than one billion potential customers by the end of 2016 to publishers that are using the Zinio Pro platform.” 

Digital magazines produced through Zinio Pro will be native apps with content reflow from existing PDF files through a low-cost, low-touch SaaS solution that is optimised and readable on smartphone—the largest device category—and every operating system. The platform allows publishers to showcase individual articles, insert dynamic advertising, enable “continuous publishing” of content beyond regular publication schedules, authenticate existing subscribers, and view consolidated analytics through an integrated dashboard. Consumers experience magazines with articles that are readable on their smartphones, searchable across current and prior issues, and shareable with their friends. Beyond app production, Zinio Pro can seamlessly integrate with publisher’s print, web and newsletter workflows. And publishers are now able to access Zinio’s growing, global Distribution and Partner Network through the Zinio Pro platform for increased discoverability, readership and revenue. 

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