Planning and executing successful virtual events. Get 5% off the normal rate with promo code “FIPP5VE” when you register.

Planning and executing successful virtual events. Get 5% off the normal rate with promo code “FIPP5VE” when you register.

The coronavirus has changed the face of events now, and likely for years to come. Even when the ’new normal’ resumes, most event organisers that have made the pivot to virtual events will likely keep these at least as a component of the business forever.

Successful virtual events that delight attendees and make money won’t be achieved by simply moving your in-person event format and agenda online. With the vertiginous risk of attendees leaving your event with just one click, or becoming distracted by other priorities, it is critical to plan well and execute flawlessly.

Join our training to learn or refresh on how to plan and create successful virtual events, how to ensure interactive and engaging sessions and, for those who aren’t tied to one particular technology, which platform is right for you.

Book now with code FIPP5VE to get 5% discount.

Online course outline

Session 1: Planning: How To Create Successful Virtual Events

  • Strategy/content (incredibly different for all, but highlighting how content and format fit together, having objectives for the session etc)
  • Format – single or multiple presentations, interview-style, moderated panel discussion, interactive with audience, product demonstration or a mixture
  • Timing – day/time
  • Length/duration – evidence of optimal duration for engagement
  • Selecting and supporting speakers and moderators (esp. those who haven’t participated in online events before)
  • Dry run with all those involved, to include:
    • Introduction to the technology/tool and features
    • Active equipment check
    • Agenda and format run through
    • Q&A
  • Virtual event etiquette – webcam set up, dress code, location/noise
  • Ensure content is optimised for mobile
  • Review what can go wrong, and create a contingency
  • Marketing – invitation process and frequency
  • Sales – value propositions and revenue streams for online events

Session 2: Execute Effective and Engaging Virtual Events (see When? panel for timings)

  • A guide to moderating effectively
  • Having a killer script
  • Preparing a solid intro/outro
  • Prepping questions for Q&A to avoid silence
  • Ensure your slides are on brand and engaging
  • Using different media formats optimally – polls, video, white board
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Ensure someone has your back
  • Accept that things might go wrong
  • Post virtual event best practice and tracking results

Session 3: Which Platform Is Right For Your Virtual Event?* (see When? panel for timings)

  • How to consider your virtual event objectives as you look at platforms
  • Understand what virtual event platforms are available
  • Get the inside track on 10 popular virtual event platforms from Hopin to ON24**
  • Hear the capabilities and limitations of these platforms
  • Understand pricing models and hidden costs

* We do not receive commissions for highlighting any platforms mentioned.

**This is a starting place for you to consider which platform is best for you, your own due diligence is encouraged post-training.

Online cost

£395 (+ VAT) for all commercial companies
£295 (+ VAT) for not-for-profit organisations

Who should attend?

This course is relevant for all event professionals who are looking to pivot their F2F events to being virtual or hybrid. The course works particularly well when run in-house for a team of event professionals.

Book now with code FIPP5VE to get 5% discount.

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