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DIS takes place on 25-26 March 2019 in Berlin, Germany. For information on the agenda, speakers and more, visit


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James Tye ()

James Tye, CEO of Dennis Publishing in the UK

James has attended and spoken at DIS numerous times over the years. “Each year I find the summit both thought-provoking and useful. I can think of several occasions when we’ve changed the approach or direction of specific projects as a direct result of insight or thinking from some of the sessions.”


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Melissa Rosenthal, EVP, Cheddar Inc., USA

Melissa attended and presented at DIS 2018. “The event was overwhelmingly a positive experience. It was great being able to connect with thought leaders outside of the US and hear their take on the industry we are trying to disrupt. The reaction was great. I received a ton of follow up notes on LinkedIn from many individuals who watched my presentation.

We hope to meet you in Berlin in March!



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