Five things we learned at DIS2019

1. A media culture overhaul is needed to save journalism – as told by Axel Springer’s head of data and tech


Stephanie Caspar ()


It is not only necessary for media companies to change their work cultures to fight for the future of journalism, the media industry needs to work closer together to change the collective culture of the publishing industry as a whole. This was the keynote message from Stephanie Caspar, president of technology and data at Axel Springer, Germany, who opened the first day of the annual Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin.

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2. How The New York Times innovates through personalisation of content



Nick NYTimes ()


The last session of the first day at DIS featured Nick Rockwell, the CTO of New York Times. He took as his theme ‘News in the Age of Algorithmic Recommendation,’ and used the slot to explore the newspaper’s innovations in the personalisation of content.

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3. How BBC Good Food built its voice skill



BBC Good Food DIS ()


Good Food magazine’s new recipe search voice skill built for Alexa devices has this year become the strategic partner for Alexa in the UK and Ireland. Hannah Williams, editor, BBC Good Food, UK, explained that the process to build a voice skill was sparked by statistics suggesting 50 per cent of content searches would be via voice by the end of next year.

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4. How paid content was an instant success for Bloomberg



Bloomberg DIS 2019 ()


Paid content has been a surprising success for Bloomberg after launching a paywall in May last year. The next target is to double their subscriptions by the end of this year, said Scott Havens, global head of Digital and Media Distribution at Bloomberg, USA, during the first day of the DIS2019.

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5. How Trusted Media Brands (formerly Reader’s Digest Association) turned into a multi-platform media company



Vince Errico Trusted Media Brands DIS 2019 ()


How do you take a world renowned print brand and transform it into a multi-platform media company? That was the task facing Vince Errico, when he took on the role of chief digital officer at Trusted Media Brands (formerly known as the Reader’s Digest Association) three years ago.

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What else happened at DIS2019?

– Innovation Media Consulting’s John Wilpers and Andrew Rolph launched the Innovation in Media 2019-2020 World Report, read the story here

– FIPP CEO James Hewes launched the 2019 Global Digital Subscriptions Snapshot Report, download your copy here

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