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Newsmodo is an example of how challenges in the media landscape can give rise to innovation in the way media is produced.
Rakhal Ebeli, former journalist with Australian broadcaster Channel Ten, founded of Newsmodo.com when he realised that dwindling newsroom resources conversely meant a rise in the need for quality content generated elsewhere.
Ebeli presented Newsmodo at FIPP’s Worldwide Media Marketplace in London today (15 May 2013), where a number of publishers at the event joined Newsmodo using a special free trial option.
He first developed an iPhone application in 2011 called “NEWSME”, harnessing smartphone technology and the rise of citizen journalism to fill the content gap. “As a journalist I was typically offering teenagers and others A$100 per upload,” but feedback from content buyers highlighted a problem: whilst NEWSME gave them access to a wide range of content it didn’t resolve the need for reliable, high quality content and access to professional contributors to engage on an assignment basis.
The NEWSME experience gave rise to Newsmodo, a web-based marketplace (available across all digital channels), connecting media organisations with a network of journalists, photographers, camera operators and other media professions – individuals and/or publishers wishing to generate and/or sell their content.
Ebeli explained how the platform facilitates the secure sale of images, video and written stories as well as the distribution of assignments set by media looking for content from around the world.
He further explained how the platform creates new revenue streams not only for freelance media professionals, but also for publishers who have content they wish to syndicate. It currently has approximately 4,000 contributors on board worldwide.
Newsmodo features include (note: publishers can be buyers and sellers):
Expand access to content without adding to overheads
Acquire images, stories and written stories individually or as pre-packaged
Leverage a fast-growing global network of media professionals to get coverage anytime, anywhere
Keep up to date with the latest content with live updates and daily digest
Sell content from anywhere via the Newsmodo website or mobile app
Set their own price for the content in the marketplace
Extend their client base by selling to media organisations across the world
Access gathering assignments set by media organisations in real time
Create and develop personal portfolios to showcase their work
For more on Newsmodo go to www.newsmodo.com or follow them on Twitter (@newsmodo_com).

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