Ad blocking software has 200m users

That represents a big uptick in ad-block usage from just one year ago. The software, which blocks ads from appearing on websites, search, and social networks, is also catching on in the US. Ad-block MAU totaled 45m in the US as of June 2015, increasing nearly 50 per cent from last year, according to PageFair and Adobe.

In this report, BI Intelligence looks at ad block usage rates, Apple’s newest ad block software and how it could make ad blocking more common on mobile, and examines solutions for publishers. There are several solutions that publishers can use to combat the growing ad-block problem, including education, technical solutions, and micropayments. Which solution publishers should opt for can be determined by their particular ad-block usage rates. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

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Source: Business Insider

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