Airbnb added to schedule of meetings on FIPP and VDZ tour

With User Experience a top priority for businesses like Airbnb, we will meet with Madeline Moore, Experience Designer, at Airbnb’s HQ in San Francisco. The relevance here is that UX-thinking extends not only to the website, but also other areas where the company has, or can establish, touch points with its consumers and prospective consumers. This includes Airbnb’s magazine, recently launched in collaboration with Hearst – a reverse digital-to-print model that is becoming something of a trend among digital companies. 

In this meeting you will find out more about how Airbnb thinks about UX – online, offline and in print, and, crucially, how they think about the value each touch point brings.

To find out more about Tour arrangements, cost and/or how to register, get in touch with Jennifer Panse ( who will gladly help out.

Meetings so far confirmed are:


  • Algorithmia
  • Element Data
  • Geekwire
  • Madrona Venture Group
  • Microsoft
  • Pixvana
  • Synapse
San Francisco

  • Airbnb
  • Bleacher Report
  • Contextly
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Matter VC
  • Slack
  • Thunkable
  • Twitch
  • Volumetric Studio by Microsoft

Participants will meet with a companies ranging from startup and early growth to giants of the Internet world. Each meeting is selected not necessarily because of a company’s direct participation in the media sphere, but because what they do have relevance, can impact or can be of value to media. Confirmed meetings – with 2-3 more to come – include:

Contact Jennifer for the draft schedule and more information on each company, their relevance to your businesses and whom we will be meeting with on our visit. 

About the Tour:

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The Digital Innovators’ Tour is organised by FIPP, the network for global media, and VDZ, the German publishers association, as an extension of our successful annual Digital Innovators’ Summit (11th edition 19-20 March 2018).

The first DI Tour took place in 2014, followed by tours in 2015, 2016 and in May 2017. This tour, our second of 2017, is the 5th one. 

Why you should join:

The Tours are exclusively designed for people like you, decision-makers in the media industry around the world, as an immersive, in-depth and meaningful learning and networking experience that will benefit you and your business in months, even years, to come. There are up to a maximum of 20 places per tour.

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