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This year FIPP is introducing a new initiative that wants to draw out those people in media from across the world and hear the exciting achievements they have personally driven.

From the submissions we receive, FIPP will create a FIPP Rising Stars in Media list and the top three exceptional rising stars will be invited to participate at the prestigious FIPP World Congress in Toronto, Canada, 13-15 October 2015 where they will be presented with an award.

The deadline for entering the FIPP Rising Stars in Media is at the end of this week, so don’t delay in getting your nominations in – find out how at

If you have rising stars in your business, doing exciting things and contributing to your business success share their success with us and enter them for the FIPP Rising Stars in Media. 

Remember, the deadline is 31 July. Don’t miss out.

If you have any questions please email Christine Huntingford, or call the office on +44 20 7404 4169.

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