Arianna Huffington outlines the next chapter of The Huffington Post’s overseas expansion

The publisher, which celebrated its 10-year birthday this May and has 15 international editions, will center its expansion around some core areas: building a global newsroom, taking a more agile approach to international expansion, investing in technology infrastructure to support its global cross-platform editorial output, and “doubling down” on native advertising.

Speaking to Digiday, Huffington Post president and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington outlined how it plans to do it:

Using its global network as “laboratories” 
Huffington Post plans to use its global reach as an advantage in trying out new approaches. Huffington likened the global network to a series of “laboratories.” She cited Germany as a leader in video and South Korea and Japan as the most advanced in mobile.

“It’s not just the US that leads. In Korea, 90 per cent of HuffPost’s traffic comes from mobile. And Japan, where 72 percent of traffic is from mobile, has built the largest HuffPost audience outside the U.S,” she said.

Building a global newsroom 
Like all global news outlets, The Huffington Post’s coverage has recently been dominated by the Paris attacks. More than 150 articles were created in total, translated and shared across its global network, along with dozens of videos.

France editor-in-chief Anne Sinclair’s “Morning of War” blog post in response to the attack was translated into nine languages in the HuffPost network and was featured on every edition, while global editorial director Howard Fineman’s blogpost “We Are All Parisians, Again” was featured across 10 editions, including France.

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Source: Digiday

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