FIPP Asia-Pacific conference in Beijing addresses digital challenges

Feng said that this conference aims to confront the challenges and opportunities that have been bought about by digital magazines. “It’s a new space full of mysteries,” he said. “We are uncertain about the future, but in the last four years this space has really gained momentum.” Feng added that traditional media companies are facing a crucial moment in their existence, and this conference is of great significance to attendees because it is helping to confront challenges bought about by new platforms such as Weibo and WeChat.

Llewellyn said that before this conference in Beijing, the FIPP Asia Pacific Digital Magazine Media Conference has been organised in Tokyo, Japan, Hangzhou, China and Seoul, Korea. He said that FIPP wants to understand the changes media owners are going through in the region, and conferences like this one help attendees on their digital journeys. “We want to understand your challenges, which of your digital experiments are working and how you are changing your business models,” he said. “The presentations at this conference will challenge the current thinking, and will show you how these companies becoming multi platform media owners.”

The FIPP Asia Pacific Digital Magazine Media Conference takes place over 11-12 November.

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