The award winning research campaign entries from the FIPP Insight Awards 2015

Awards entries from the FIPP Insight Forum & Awards held 18-19 May 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 


Condé Nast Spain:  The Q Factor

The judges were impressed by this demonstration of some key strengths of magazine media, in both printed and digital formats. By measuring physical, behavioural and emotional factors to define ‘quality’, it emphasised the importance and power of matching a product’s brand values to the advertising medium’s brand values. It went on to show that magazine media are particularly strong here, for no other medium is as effective in providing the optimum context and experience for communicating an advertiser’s message.

Although the research was conducted for specialist fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines, there are lessons here for all types of magazine, and in all countries.

VDZ Germany:  Digital Editorial Media

This study proved that the advertising environment is an important factor for marketers in respect of websites – as has long been established for printed media. By classifying websites into three categories – functional, social, and editorial – it demonstrated that the journalistic input of editorial sites made the most effective context for advertisers. As with print, it is the journalism and curation that is key for digital media. That is what typically lifts magazine publishers’ websites above non-editorial types of website, when the objective is to enhance the perception and evaluation of a promoted product.

The introduction of a Prime Site seal of approval was fully justified by the research. More broadly, the study amply justifies additional investment in magazine publishers’ digital properties.

GIK Germany:  Best For Planning

Best For Planning provides a very comprehensive market-media study, allowing advertisers to define target markets in product-behaviour terms, and then, among any selected target audience, users can examine the reach and frequency of not only the traditional forms of media but also the newest digital formats, including mobile websites and apps. This strategic planning tool is able to reinforce the strengths of magazine media. In this latest development, the original Best For Planning system has been considerably enhanced through imaginative and innovative work. It helps magazine media to challenge any tendency by advertisers and agencies to overlook the medium.

ARI Spain:  Magazine websites: usage & perception

Magazine media publishers aim to develop their revenues from their digital platforms as quickly as possible. This research makes a significant contribution towards that. First, it provides evidence of the value of websites’ editorial product, showing that the content of magazine websites stands out as one of the most valuable of all media. Second, it shows how magazine websites are a superb environment for advertisers to generate brand awareness, impact, and a positive and relevant advertising experience.

It is part of the strong case for advertisers to use magazine media across all platforms.

The study has lessons for publishers in all countries, and the research technique can be replicated in markets around the globe.


Association of Indian Magazines

Engagement Index for Media

Immediate Media UK 

Generation Wealth

The Hotpoint ad effectiveness case study for Good Food

Axel Springer Germany

Auto Bild Tablet Study

Space Belgium

Pulsar 2.a: Strategic Value of Magazine Advertising

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