Bauer Media launches Modern Gardens Magazine in the UK

Bauer Media owns two gardening titles. Garden News holds the number one spot in the weekly gardening market with a 13.61 per cent increase on last period, up 8.19 per cent on last year and Garden Answers recorded a 16.58 per cent increase pop and 8.84 per cent yoy in the latest ABCs.

Modern Gardens ()

Rob Munro-Hall, group managing director said: “This change in focus to garden use, rather than gardening as a hobby has created a new generation of ‘lifestyle gardeners’. They have different needs than the traditional gardening audience and were not being served by the existing products”.

June Smith-Sheppard, editorial director for Modern Gardens, said: “There is a wealth of information available for people trying to make their house look beautiful, but very little relating to how to take this outside. Modern Gardens is here to revolutionise the gardening market with fun, trend led content that is accessible for everyone. We are very excited to be opening up this niche market to anyone with an outdoor space”.

Modern Gardens is available now, with the first issue priced at £2.99 (€3.78).

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