Big Road Media launches Cycling Plus in Malaysia

Tim Hudson, director of international licensing and syndication at Immediate, said: “We are delighted with the continued expansion of Cycling Plus and our ongoing relationship with Big Road Media with whom we also license Top Gear. Our cycling portfolio has real potential for further global expansion.”

Louis Foo, CEO of Big Road Media, said: “Cycling, either competitive or leisure is a fast growing activity in Malaysia and so we felt that this is the right time to launch a cycling magazine. Cycling Plus seems to be a perfect fit as it covers a wide spectrum, from bikes, accessories and gadgets. Our inaugural issue was well received by both readers and advertisers. The feedback was very positive and many felt that a licensed title such as Cycling Plus is long overdue. We at Big Road Media are glad to license another title from Immediate Media and we are confident, like TopGear, this will be another winner.”

The magazine will be a monthly and the first issue of Cycling Plus Malaysia is on sale now.

Immediate Media is a member of FIPP.

Cycling Plus Malaysia ()

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